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Essential Oils New Year's Re-solutions!

Do these words or phrases make you cringe? Goal setting, eek! Vision Boarding, oh boy! New Year Resolution...noooo!

Well guess don't have to do any of these things if you don't want to! Take a step back and remember you're your own person. Peer pressure can affects us no matter our age or season in life. If you need some canned responses to ward off those people in your life that want you to live up to their expectations I'm a big fan of the book, "Crucial Conversations"!

Maybe you are like me and you do this twice a year when you are in the mood. Maybe you love the "12 Week Year" system and you goal set multiple times a year. And if you're one of those who wants to do these things and have never had the tools or know how, then today is your day! I am going to share with you how I have scaled this in my life and where I feel I am headed in the future. You can't do these things wrong! If you want to reach out to me for more ideas or support please do!

I was one of "those" who "isn't creative" and "didn't know where to start". So I dabbled. One time I did a messy glue and tape board of cut up magazines. Another time I made a canva piece and printed it out and made it my screen saver so I could see it often. I LOVE making lists and post it notes too. I actually do a combination of a lot things now, I call it my Picasso ADD Menu, and it works for ME. We ALL are creative and should give ourselves more credit.

When I'm ready to goal set for my future I make sure I'm in the right frame of mind and in my flow of life so I can maximize the fun and creativity these types of activities bring. Part of getting myself into the right spirit involves a doTERRA essential oil experience. Just like these activities have so many options, so do oils! Go with your intuition and pick one, apply, and enjoy.

My go-to's when I need a quick pick are the blends because their names say it all. Passion, peace, console, forgive, serenity, balance, calmer, and so many more. We all should aim to have a positive experience with our future planning and with essential oils so be sure you also enjoy the smell and the way you feel when you inhale the beautifully thought-out smells we have. You can put it in the diffuser and enjoy hours of a room full of goodness or you can apply topically to your wrist, neck, behind ears, even your hair! Basically you want to apply the EO where you will be able to also smell it in this case. Again, you can NOT do it wrong, a few drops go a long way and if you change your mind layer on something else to uplift your mood.

So cheers to goal setting with the right vibe in the air and of course, Happy New Year!

We recently launched our new Essentially Empowered program because experiencing abuse can cause an array of mental, emotions and physical challenges. Our Essentially Empowered program was created to help people impacted by dv thrive through the use of the powerful healing properties of plants and nature -- better known as doTERRA essential oils.

To nominate yourself or someone you love to receive our essential oils giveaway ta sponsored doTERRA essential oils kit on us this month please complete this short nomination form.

And if you’d like to connect with me to learn more about doTERRA essential oils and how you can use them please complete this short form here and I’ll be in touch soon!

Your Wellness Warrior & Advocate,

Samantha Sargent


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