If it wasn't for them, we literally wouldn't be here so when you meet em' say hello, give em' a high five, a hug, and a big thank you! 

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Courageous Advocate, Author, & Board Member

Meet Florenza. A beautiful soul who was born to tell stories that shape us from the inside out. At NDVC, her vision for a world of possibilities brings clarity to our Board of Directors Crew. She's an incredible children's book Author, Radio Host, and Transformational Life Coach who's passion inspires everyone in her vicinity.


Courageous Advocate & Manga Artist

Meet Malachai. An extraordinary young man who is a lighthouse of optimism. At NDVC, his strategic and innovative thinking is a catalyst for change as our Youth Advocate. He’s an aspiring manga artist and advocate for restoration, who influences people to listen and do something every time he speaks.


African Proverb

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together."



Courageous Advocate, & Board President

Meet Cathy. A spunky and sassy personality combined with a heart of gold who would go to the ends of the earth for her CAUSE, her family, and her friends. At NDVC, her authenticity, constant curiosity, attention to detail, and humility bring the well rounded development and organization we need as our Board of Directors President. She’s a courageous Advocate who believes in doing things differently and always stands up for what she believes.


Courageous Activist, TEDx Speaker, Founder, & CEO

Meet Audrey. A powerhouse of faith and perseverance. Her skill of gathering individuals from diverse backgrounds to one vision is parallel only to her ability to advocate for those who’ve misplaced their voices. As the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of NDVC, Audrey masterfully weaves vision with purpose creating a tapestry that transforms lives from ashes to beauty.

Written By: Florenza Denise Lee

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Courageous Advocate, Author, & Strategic Partner

Meet Lovern. A collaborative and bright spirit who is a blessing to everyone she meets. At NDVC, her heart for supporting other leaders in the movement and deep understanding of survivors' needs makes her a cherished addition to the crew. She’s an Author and Advocate who often breathes love and life into everyone around her.


Audrey May Prosper

"Collaboration is about leveraging all of our geniuses and working together towards a common goal that is greater than all of us."



Courageous Advocate, Author, & Encourager

Meet April. She’s a creative genius and brave advocate who constantly does her part in facilitating the change we need. At NDVC, her love for storytelling and seeing the human side of this work are the enlightenment we need on our crew. She’s an Award-Winning Author and Ghostwriter who puts words to paper like an accomplished Hollywood screenwriter. She’s also an extraordinary amplifier of light who has a special ability to help people see what’s been in them all along.


Henry Ford

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."



Courageous Advocate, Storyteller, & Creative Photographer

Meet Nancy. A determined creative who accepts every challenge with grace and tenacity. At NDVC, her creativity illuminates a different perspective as one of our creative photographers. She’s an artist, creative storyteller and a Nigeria, Africa native who captures everyone’s heart through the camera lens.


Courageous Advocate & Board Member

Meet Stephanie. A gentle and laser focused intellectual who’s always seeking a healthy and innovative perspective in order to do the next right thing. At NDVC, her ability to ask great questions and strategize are wonderful gifts for our Board of Directors Crew. She’s a Grant Writer, former Air Force soldier, and an incredible guide who is sure to lead us in the direction of positive impact early on.


Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

"Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results."



Website Manager

Meet Ryan. A generous and down to earth human who loves serving others. At NDVC, his eye for design and beautiful techy mind are both inspiring and incredibly supportive to our web needs and app dreams as a partner and fellow collaborator. Ryan is a web and app designer operating in the Colorado Springs and Denver area with over nine years experience that supports business owners in making their design dreams become a reality.


Courageous Advocate, Essential Oils Coach, & Lead Wellness Advocate

Meet Samantha. A creative and a collaborator at her core who loves serving her family and her community. At NDVC, her second to none education around holistic health through doTERRA essential oils is life-giving for so many survivors and a beautiful addition to our Volunteer Crew. She’s an Essential Oils Educator and Lead Wellness Advocate who has a special quality about her that makes everyone feel special and cared for.

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Courageous Advocate, Activist Attorney, & Legislative Coach

Meet Samantha. An incredibly driven woman who is a quiet warrior winning battles in the background. At NDVC, her servant’s heart and skill for policy are a game changer for our Volunteer Crew. She’s a licensed Mental Health Therapist, Activist, and Attorney who is already writing bills and changing laws in the great state of Texas.


Cory Booker

"Leadership is not a position or title, it is an action and example."



Courageous Advocate, Residential & Commercial Real Estate Agent, & FUN-gineer Director

Meet Valerie. She’s a beam of light, a ball of laughter, a deep thinker, and a super unique soul who’s always on the brink of FUN and adventure! At NDVC, her ability to generate experiences you’ll always remember and show up as your authentic self is exactly why she’s our Volunteer Director of Fun! Otherwise known as our FUN-gineer Director. She’s a residential and commercial Real Estate Broker, the best friend you’ll ever meet and a woman born to inspire everyone to just be themselves. She’s what we like to call the tequila in your vacation margarita or the refreshing mango salsa on your tortilla chip. Either way, she brightens up your day and makes you want to say YASSSSS to whatever you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done quite yet!


Courageous Advocate & Board Treasurer

Meet Tammy. A woman of integrity and incredible heart. At NDVC, her excellent communication, initiative, and generosity provide everything we could dream of to help us grow exponentially. We are so blessed to have her serve as the Treasurer of our Board of Directors. She's a long-time advocate and humble servant in the movement whose leadership is so needed right now and forever.

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Courageous Advocate, Transformational Life Coach, & Newsroom Journalist

Meet Sara. A ray of sunshine and inspiring sur-thriver whose rose colored glasses somehow help us see reality and the silver lining simultaneously. At NDVC, her commitment to digging deep to uncover truth and spread it like wildfire makes her a perfect addition as one of our Newsroom Journalist. She’s a Transformational Life Coach, Courageous Advocate, and giver of light who is sure to make anyone take an objective step back, process, and take action.