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Essentially Empowered to Embrace Your Inner Warrior

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

From the time I was very young, people would tell me things they never told anyone else. I always listened and they would often even say that they had no idea why they shared their secrets with me but that they appreciated the space I held for them without judgement. I didn't know what a gift this was. To be there for someone this way.

About 10 years ago, I found myself taking things one step further by advocating for those who would share with me. I wasn’t trying to save anyone but I couldn’t sit back and be a bystander either. At first, I thought advocacy was about trying to "fix" the injustices others faced. Along the way however, I learned how important it is to empower people to advocate for themselves. And to celebrate them as they come into the right timing to embrace the power they've had all along. To offer the gift of advocacy is to encourage each person back to a life of empowerment and autonomy on their own terms. That is, to speak to their inner warrior and gently call it out.

Being a doTERRA wellness advocate and an advocate against abuse are similar in many ways.

Oftentimes people are seeking support and direction or resources but just because we share this information with someone and offer support doesn’t mean they’re ready or obligated to take the next steps. Sometimes as humans we just want to know we have a safe space whenever we decide to ignite our inner warrior and proclaim the changes we need, want, and deserve in our lives. We want to know that someone is there to validate, support and guide us.

One of the most powerful essential oils to help in someone’s journey toward their truth and inner warrior is Frankincense. Frank is the oil of truth, it reveals deceptions and false truths. It assists in spiritual awakening and helps individuals feel the love of the Divine, it reminds us we are loved and protected. It is both a gentle and a powerful oil, it shields and protects.

NDVC Founder, Audrey May Prosper says, “It’s my favorite of all the oils. It emotionally grounds me, helps, me accept and own my truth, and makes me feel incredibly supported. I use doTERRA Frankincense everyday.” And those are just the emotional benefits. The top physical uses are for those with cancer, tumors, Alzheimer's, dementia, brain injury, wound healing, wrinkles, pain, liver support, autoimmune disorders and more.

A daily dose of doTERRA frankincense is a fine way to release your inner warrior. To take back your voice, regain your strength, and advocate for yourself and others.

Every month we award a kit, some months we give a kit AND a handful of products to a few other recipients. When we give more we get more and writing this blog today was so much of a gift to my soul! Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting more and more of the people who need support and also support NDVC and advocating differently.

To nominate yourself or someone you love to WIN our essential oils giveaway this month please complete this short nomination form.

And if you’d like to connect with me to learn more about doTERRA essential oils and how you can use them please complete this short form here and I’ll be in touch soon! You can also connect with me on facebook here.

Your Wellness Warrior and Advocate,

Samantha Sargent

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