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What Does it Mean to Advocate for Our Health Differently?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

You probably know by now that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the color purple is everywhere! This rich color is a symbol of peace, courage, survival, honor, and dedication to ending violence! That is so powerful! Purple also happens to be my favorite color, it's my birthstone (amethyst), my company's signature color, and it's the Domestic Violence Awareness color!

Advocating differently for my own health and wellness has been a priority since 2010 when my health went south. It’s also been front and center more recently as I became an entrepreneur, set out to find my purpose, and decided I wanted to take charge of the flow of my life and stop caring what other people think. I decided I needed to focus on who I am, what I want to do, and how I want to do it.

Guess what else is purple… this month's doTERRA Essential Oil Highlight!

Lavender, lavender and more LAVENDER! Well not too much cause it can be pretty strong actually.

Add a drop of calm on your wrist or neck to also SMELL purple! Be careful, for me lavender will put me into a relaxed state that if used during the day can sideline my ability to get my work done, so I typically use it just before bed or a planned nap.

Some love it for daytime use as it's also the oil of communication. I could definitely see using it before a crucial conversation so I don't overtalk like I sometimes do. Samantha means listener and you would think I was a pro at that, I do though need purposeful practice from time to time and lavender is my new best friend when I am preparing to do some amazing communication sessions.

If you enjoy a relaxing bath after a long day I definitely recommend adding 3-5 drops into your bath salts before dumping them into the water. Salt is an emulsifier and will help the oil be a part of the whole bath and not just float on top. Lavender will also help relax those sore muscles after a physically trying day or after a workout. doTERRA Certified Tested Grade lavender comes from Bulgaria and France where the soil content, humidity, and altitude are perfect for this blossoming flower to thrive giving us a pure and potent product that consistently delivers.

doTERRA has over 600 published studies about the benefits of lavender. The Egyptians used lavender thousands of years ago as a part of their beauty routine, reducing the look of imperfections on the skin. This oil blends well with cedarwood, bergamot, and our roman chamomile. Being able to listen to your body and try new things that will benefit you is an enjoyable part of an essential oil experience and of course a fun way to advocate for your own health and wellness differently.

Maybe you’re wondering how I advocate differently?

Well, it's time to get a little personal. In 2005 I made my final decision to step out of a toxic marriage and committed to being a single mom. It was the last thing I could do to maintain my sanity and keep myself a helpful and powerfully loving mother.

I now have been married to the man of my dreams for nearly seven years and I pray daily for everyone to experience the earthly love and support I now have -- whether it be via a spouse, friend, or family member. Love multiplies, it does not divide.

Since partnering with the National Domestic Violence Collaborative I finally feel like I have found my way to give back to those who have been where I have been emotionally. While I may not be able to relate to everyone's story or personal experience, I do know I can be a force for good by leading with a cause.

Each month I will contribute some of my own personal stories, share doTERRA essential oil education, and support the collaborative community with opportunities to give back with the emotional support of these amazing gifts of the earth.

So, I advocate differently by giving back with a product I wish I had back when I was looking out for everyone but myself. I'm so grateful I can uplift the mood of my family by simply putting a calming aroma into the air that is non-toxic and will help give a positive emotional response and support.

Join us in nominating someone you know, or even yourself to WIN a doTERRA essential oils kit valued between $50-$200 so we can all elevate our wellness while also advocating differently. This is an opportunity to advocate for yourself, advocate for a friend, or even a stranger.

Complete the short form here to nominate yourself or someone else to receive the gift of wellness from the earth. This month’s winner will be receiving a doTERRA essential oils kit valued at $50 or more. And if you don’t win this month, just nominate yourself or someone else next month -- cause we are giving the gift of nature every single month!

And if you’d like to connect with me to learn more about doTERRA essential oils and how you can use them please complete this short form here and I’ll be in touch soon! You can also connect with me on facebook here.

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