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After years of having private conversations with fellow survivors and advocates about our frustrations with the number of people still being impacted by domestic violence, we decided it was time to exercise our inner warrior and do something different, together.

Multi Ethnic Girls
About NDVC: Who We Are


We are a national community of survivors & advocates with a BOLD vision to nurture healthier individuals, families, and communities by advocating differently. 

Our mission is to raise the national standard of advocacy and radically reduce the number of people impacted by domestic violence. We do this through researching, collaborating, developing, and implementing world-class projects and programs.

Personal Statement: 

The National Domestic Violence Collaborative is committed to promoting and creating a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging. It is through the unique perspectives and strengths of others that we can collaborate to raise the national standard of advocacy and radically reduce the number of people from all backgrounds impacted by domestic violence.

About NDVC: About Us

Be Attitudes


Here at NDVC our core values aren't just words on a website but instead something we strive to completely embody, which means they're a core part of who we are and the lens in which we look through to determine the decisions we make daily.

About NDVC: Who We Are


Courage is the strength to pursue things even when it may be unpopular.


Curiosity is the desire to learn and grow beyond what we already know, even when it may be uncomfortable.


Collaboration is working together with diverse perspectives towards a common goal.

About NDVC: Programs


Compassion is a concern and understanding for ourselves, others, and the greater whole.


Credibility is knowing, showing, and being.


Communication is the vehicle that builds the bridges which allow us to thrive in all we do.

About NDVC: Programs


Advocating differently means being super intentional about the way we approach advocacy.


The greatest insight we can ever receive in doing advocacy differently is from those who have experienced it first hand. Often times what they want and need isn't what we expect or think.


It's time we advocate differently by leveraging all of our resources and working together with diverse perspectives towards a common goal.


We're advocating differently by focusing on nurturing healthy roots in order to produce healthy fruits.


Inequity drives violence, which means any strategy to raise the national standard of advocacy must incorporate equity.

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About NDVC: What We Do


Data helps us develop a deeper understanding of where we are and where we need to be. We believe in leveraging what we learn through research and data to properly inform what we need to be doing differently. Together, we can create triumph over this tragedy.

10 MIL 

People Affected Annually 

What this astronomical number means is the American home is the most dangerous place for women and children in our country. We're committed to doing whatever we have to in order to decrease this number significantly in our lifetime.


People Reoffend

Criminal punishment alone isn't creating safer families & communities, which is why we're advocating for restorative responses that prevent abuse from reoccurring.

3.2 MIL 

Children Witnessing Abuse Annually

Witnessing abuse acts as a poison that impacts families intergenerationally. We're invested in nurturing healthy families by supporting children in developing the personal & relational skills they need to break the cycle and help change their communities.

About NDVC: Infographics


Healing Center & Transitional Housing

Sow seeds of LOVE with us to help plant our world-class RESTORED program. The RESTORED program is a world-class healing house designed to help survivors and children thrive after abuse. It uniquely addresses the whole person: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, relationally, educationally, professionally and economically. Our pilot program will begin with just one home. In addition, we are building an online academy /cohort portion to be offered online for survivors to access nationwide.

The Goal: For survivors and children to go from harmed to healed and from homeless to homeownership. 

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About NDVC: About Us
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About NDVC: What We Do


The Legislative Innovation program is centered around our vision to create healthier individuals, families, and communities. Through the innovative development of new bills or amended/expanded acts, we aim to develop equitable solutions and restorative responses for violence prevention and reduction. Our additional goal is to assist survivors and advocates in getting the same bills passed in their states by providing a resource center on our website where they can find meaningful and equitable solutions to mimic in their states. 

Our first bill aims to empower people harmed by violent crimes like domestic violence and prevent generational abuse by giving survivors the right to choose their preferred healing modality and have the costs covered through the Crime Victims’ Compensation Act.


Rise Up Tribune is a social justice journalism project that utilizes media to educate & empower survivors, advocates, supporters, and the general public to RISE UP against the domestic war at home. The content covers trending DV news, interviews, exposes, investigations, survivor experiences, survivors' stories, research articles, reports, studies, opinion articles, licensed sharable content, and more.


The Essentially Empowered program is centered around the core belief that naturopathic options for healing & self-care are critical for the well-being of both advocates and survivors. It serves to raise awareness and help advocates and survivors thrive through the use of the powerful healing properties of plants and nature found in doTERRA essential oils. Essentially Empowered currently provides one full doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Touch kit to one advocate or survivor every month.


Voice of a Warrior is a 2 part program. The first part is a 12-week group cohort & designed to professionally train advocates to use their voices for good, speak like a pro, and monetize their message. The second part is our speaker's bureau, which is the vehicle we use to spread our message faster and further, help speakers economically thrive, and provide a way for them to give back to the CAUSE they care about, while also acting as a way to diversify our funding. Coming in 2023!

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris


The ultimate goal of the Pando Project is to prevent, educate and empower people to be a resource to themselves, their loved ones, and their community while simultaneously raising the national standard of advocacy. 

It's made possible through a national community of survivors, advocates, and supporters all working together to build a collection of resources / education for survivors, advocates, and the general public. It is uniquely compiled and distributed in creative and innovative ways for people to locate, engage with and share in their networks. 

The Pando Project was named after the largest living organism in the world as a reminder that when we work together and focus on the roots, incredible things can happen. Pando is a clonal colony of an individual aspen tree determined to be a single living organism by identical genetic markers and assumed to have one massive underground root system.

About NDVC: About


Transparency in all we do is very important to us at NDVC. We are proud to have received our very first Guidestar Seal of Transparency.

Click the Candid icon to see our nonprofit profile. 

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